Meet the Artist

I am Detroit area artist and conservator Richard Ulrich. This is my 57th year as a professional freelance artist. From my studio in Rochester Michigan I purvey fine artworks and fine art services .

An artist’s task is to create beautiful things that last a very long time. Using my traditional university education in art and science I create works of landscape, fantasy and sacred geometry. I work in oil and acrylic paint, ink, colored pencil, metal and stone. Historic permanent colors, technique and media take center stage in these efforts. While firmly based in classic art, I constantly experiment with novel imagery and form.

Richard and Cailey on Mount Jay 2018

I record my love of nature, wilderness and the back country with camera. I then modify, edit, combine and manipulate those images on computer before transferring them to canvas. My goal is to express the beauty I experience in images of perspective, color, drama and lighting. The Hudson River School and the Canadian Group of Seven School are major influences on my landscape style.

I employ landscape as a base for visual experiments in geometry and a context for dream imagery. The visual challenge of fractals, the harmony of tiles and the vibrancy of contrasting color present a visual cadence I find most entertaining. My intent is not to copy what I see, rather it is to interpret and express what I experience and imagine in order to present the viewer with images of beauty.